Overwhelmed by a Messy House?

Have you ever looked around a messy house and asked yourself, “Where do I start?” I have more times than I care to admit in public. The sheer amount of housework that it takes to run a home can be overwhelming- even paralyzing at times.

Let’s end the week with a sense of accomplishment and make plans for Monday. If you have more housework than you can finish in two hours today, then I have a suggestion.

When I’m feeling like I have more work than I have strength or time, I pick one obtainable goal. It helps me get a taste of control, a rarity for mothers. My usual trick is to clean something that will be pleasing to my eye, and make my life run just a little bit smoother.

For me, it’s my purse, in the past it’s been my diaper bag. I hate digging through 75,000 grocery store receipts to find my wallet. Then, as the cashier is beginning to roll her eyes, I find someone has put a handful of rocks in the bottom for safekeeping—but no wallet.

By cleaning out and organizing your purse or diaper bag, every time you open it you’ll smile. A little bit of order can go a long way.

Pick one area of your life to organize today. Just one. If your purse is doing just fine, then here are few suggestions.


  • The interior of your car or van.

Does your vehicle smell like fast food and spilt coffee? You might even find that missing shoe.


  • The top of your dresser.

Mine tends to be the landing place for any stray pieces of mail. When children would clean, if it took like it belongs to mom—they dumped it there.


  • The master bathroom.

If you hate cleaning the bathroom as much as I do, set a timer. Give yourself ten minutes to clean. Race the timer. If you beat the timer, reward yourself by lighting a candle in there, and add a new decoration by pulling something from another room.


  • The kitchen sink.

Scrub those coffee stains out. Then venture under the sink–I know, it’s scary.


What little thing can you do today, that will make you feel organized?