How Creativity and Childhoods are Destroyed in a Messy House: Part 2

I have to admit, I really admired her– for at least the first 30 minutes.

When my oldest was just a toddler, my husband was serving in the Army. All of our friends were also in the military. Which put us all just about the same in age, and economic status—in other words we were all young and broke with kids.

We had been invited over to a new couple’s house for dinner. He had just been transferred to my husband’s unit, but this was my first time meeting her.

She was pretty, with long straight black hair. Looking at her, you would never guess she had three kids– walking into her house you would never know they lived with her.

Each room was immaculate. As I complemented her on her beautiful home, I was secretly envying her superior organizational skills. With my admiration showing, she offered me a personal tour throughout each room—including closets.

When we came to the children’s room, I was particularly impressed. Not an item out of place. The inside of the their bedroom closet was as clean as any room in the house.

When I asked how she does it. She boasted:

I’m very strict. The children are not allowed to play in any room except their bedroom and they must…”

Her voice faded into the background of my mind. My thoughts began to crowd out her voice– “…poor kids” I thought. I would hate to be one of her children. Clearly, the

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sheen on her home was a high priority. Yet, it felt as inviting as a hospital waiting room.

Unfortunately for her children, she was extremely efficient at sterilizing a house but totally inept at creating a nurturing home environment.

A nurturing home is one that touches the senses—it feeds the soul, not just the body. It creates a storehouse of childhood memories. It’s not one thing—it’s an entire landscape of sights, sounds and smells that creates an atmosphere of peace and security.

A messy house will destroy your creativity and rob you of your time with your children. A clean house, held in higher regard than those it is supposed to nurture, will not produce a childhood of acceptance, creativity and security. The balance is found the atmosphere it provides.

When your children are grown and gone, what will trigger memories of the childhood home you created for them?

Today let me challenge you to make a conscious decision about the atmosphere of the home you want to create.

You can write it here, and here.

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